We are proud to announce the new financial assistant was just launched in Montenegro!

The portal gathers all relevant data about Montenegrin companies such as credit rating, valid financial reports, certification of the most successful business owners. The portal also has various tools to help you sort and interpret financial data.

We provide companies with smart data that they can use to get an overall view of customers, businesses, risks and opportunities. We are also using smart data to identify and target new customers, drive sales, optimize risk and build long-lasting customer relationships.

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Financial assistant CompanyWall business will soon be launched in Bosnia and Hercegovina

Financial assistant CompanyWall business will soon be launched in Bosnia and Hercegovina

One of the biggest credit rating agencies, CompanyWall business is available in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Uk and soon in Bosnia and Herce...

Whether you need a more efficient analysis of financial data to increase your growth and manage your risks or reduce costs, or you want to completely transform your business, you can fully rely on CompanyWall business products.

Financial Assistant offers the most relevant and up-to-date financial information - information about ownership, real estate, credit ratings and reports, solvency and all other relevant business information.

Our WebAPI software application interface is also part of our product range.

The speed at which business decisions are made; Variable Dynamics of Business Relationships; Constant innovation in the labor market;

The relationship between these three instances is such that searching for new opportunities is no longer sufficient to track general information. Monitoring of important news about the latest changes in economy and society is essential to creating a general picture of events and trends. However, when it comes to making business decisions, a more fundamental analysis of data is needed.

Still, do you have the time to study each of your future associates, buyers or competitors? Even if you have time, can you study general business information in the most efficient way? CompanyWall business financial assistant is tailored to the needs of a modern business market. After years of business needs research, we have created a unique service concept that involves calculating a credit rating, a credit report and a review of financial information at client's request.

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