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CompanyWall business classifies and analyzes financial information and business information that business entities use to better predict the behavior of partners, customers, suppliers, and competing companies. Also, it is possible to get a detailed and accurate insight into the entire business and any problems within a particular company.

We are doing business in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and North Macedonia and the residence of the credit agency is located in the UK. We help tens of thousands of customers easily and quickly break the most important business data to achieve good business performance and operate more transparently.

We are leading in networking and establishing business connections between domestic and foreign companies. We count tens of thousands of satisfied clients who testify the quality of our financial assistant services. Take advantage of our smart data and improve your relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Make it safer and achieve better business results.

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Our mission

We facilitate your daily business and create new partnerships to improve business results at home and abroad. We strive to provide you with uninterrupted and transparent work.

Certification in a credit rating agency CompanyWall business is your business entry card if you are relatively unknown company because investors are increasingly relying on credit rating, not just "naming the name". A good credit rating is the best marketing tool for your business.

By applying modern methods, we meet the demanding market needs, as well as the individual and specific needs of our clients in order to improve intellectual capital, business performance, profitability, liquidity and business productivity.

We help the financial market development in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina every day, while classifying clients in creditworthiness classes minimizes business risks for different businesses and makes it easier for investors to understand the credit risks of different debtors.

We also help institutions and government entities access to credit without having to go through long-term creditor estimates. CompanyWall business credit ratings help the financial market as a measure and assessment of different business entities. Our goal is to help you do business safer and motivate you to expand your business investment!

Our vision

Creating a global client network and turning risky business decisions into safe, uncertain business to a good opportunity and potential in business results. Active participation in the establishment of higher standards in the field of business, trade and investment in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Hungary introduction of new business habits and trends, as well as their prediction and creation, which will contribute to the progress of the entire business and economy in listed countries.

We believe in progress, but we regularly review past business methods, the mistakes from which we learn to work more successfully and more efficiently in the future. We are aware that credit strength, risk, business policy and technology development affect the company, government, movable and immovable assets.

Modern business transaction methods require business performance and data verification and regular updating. That is why we have created a network of business data that we update and classify every day, and shape them into a modern market. We strive for absolute business transparency and the elimination of uncertain decisions.


Whether you need a more efficient analysis of financial data to increase your growth and manage your risks or reduce costs, or you want to completely transform your business, you can fully rely on CompanyWall business products.

Financial Assistant offers the most relevant and up-to-date financial information - information about ownership, real estate, credit ratings and reports, solvency and all other relevant business information.

Our WebAPI software application interface is also part of our product range.

CompanyWall business by the numbers

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The speed at which business decisions are made; Variable Dynamics of Business Relationships; Constant innovation in the labor market;

The relationship between these three instances is such that searching for new opportunities is no longer sufficient to track general information. Monitoring of important news about the latest changes in economy and society is essential to creating a general picture of events and trends. However, when it comes to making business decisions, a more fundamental analysis of data is needed.

Still, do you have the time to study each of your future associates, buyers or competitors? Even if you have time, can you study general business information in the most efficient way? CompanyWall business financial assistant is tailored to the needs of a modern business market. After years of business needs research, we have created a unique service concept that involves calculating a credit rating, a credit report and a review of financial information at client's request.


We help the financial market development in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary every day.