Gain business credibility through CompanyWall services

CompanyWall services include issuing and awarding certificates of creditworthiness on markets across Europe (United Kingdom, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Hungary).

Credit rating

CompanyWall business credit ratings are an indispensable economic instrument in the modern business world and are used as a credible test of the entire business of a business entity.

They make it easier to make business decisions when choosing a business partner, analyzing competition and risk assessments.

At the same time, there is significant support in the process of financial analysis of individual legal entities.

AAA credit rating

The highest credit rating indicates an extremely high ability to execute financial obligations, with minimal credit risk. This rating is confirmation of a company's stable business, excellent quality of work, and it represents the company as being trustworthy and running the same for the ideal business partner. Companies with this credit rating can borrow large sums of money, are attractive to investors, and their partners are confident in concluding business co-operation.

AA+ credit rating

The high credit rating indicates a very high ability to execute financial obligations and a low credit risk. Businesses with this rating stand by the shoulders of top rated companies. Such company is a reliable business partner and is economically stable. Somewhat weaker rang is a result of a shorter business period and marks a relatively new business on the market, which does not diminish it's previous business success.

A+ credit rating

The credit rating of a higher middle rating means a high ability to execute financial liabilities with a low credit risk. Companies with this credit rating do not show any signs of risky business in the future. For such companies, a somewhat weaker rating has been given for business in previous periods, or it is a young company that is not long on the market, but which operates reliably.

BBB credit rating

The credit rating of the lower middle rating indicates a suitable, but not a great ability to settle the financial obligations of a particular company. Such business entity is subject to negative economic conditions. There is a risk of business climate change and significant credit risk. Businesses with this creditworthiness rating are advised to take more cautious business.

CCC credit rating

The lowest credit rating means business operations in unfavorable economic conditions. The company has a poor ability to execute financial obligations and high credit risk. In the next two years, the probability of blocking, bankruptcy or liquidation is uncertain.

No Credit Rating

A credit rating can not be determined because there is not enough information about a business entity. The company was established in the current year and has still not submitted an annual financial report.


The CompanyWall business certificate of creditworthiness is a testimony to the many years of quality of work, and the carriers are ranked at the top of the domestic economy and position them side by side with successful European companies. Determining credit rating and certification of the most successful are a necessary element of business in an international environment.

This practice, as a certificate holder, provides your reputation and advantage over other businesses involved in the same business. The certificate is a proof of quality business and competitiveness on the market, and your partners and clients are demonstrating that they operate without risk.

The Certificate of creditworthiness is based on the analysis of the financial statements for the past year and the performance prognosis for the next 12 months. The analytical method used to calculate credit rating and award the certificate to the most successful companies is unique to all markets where the CompanyWall business operates.

Companies that have earned the most credit ratings of AAA, AA + and A + earn the right to a certificate of creditworthiness.

Crystal trophy

CompanyWall business crystal trophy is the most and rarest acknowledgment by which a business entity proves to potential partners, associates and competitors that they are a responsible and well-managed company.

The crystal trophy is awarded by CompanyWall business to the best of the best in all branches of business. Trophy is a symbol of perseverance, responsible work, and excellent business policy that the company accomplishes for three years in a row.

The trophy is of recognizable design, glass, along with a gold plate on which the name of the company to which it belongs is printed. There is also the logo of the CompanyWall business, one of the largest credit rating agencies in the region, as well as recognition for the highest business success achieved when credit rating is concerned.

Digital signature

With a printed certificate of creditworthiness, we also assign a digital certificate to companies.

Investigations by analysts show that companies that are the holders of CompanyWall Business Digital Certificates are more stable, progressively achieving sustainable success and are mutually recognized on the domestic and foreign markets.

You can set up a digital certificate of creditworthiness when signing your e-mail or on an internet site and making it clear to all interested parties that they are doing business with one of the most successful companies.

Usb drive

With the certificate, you will also get the CompanyWall business USB which contains most important financial data.

Credit report

The CompanyWall Business credit report implies a precise and reliable set of business information that is essential for making business decisions in the contemporary labor market. CompanyWall Business offers clients the most comprehensive database of business operations in over 7 countries in Europe.

The financial reports are intended for all interested parties who want a quick and easy insight into the most reliable business information about the company. With just a few mouse clicks in front of you you will have a clear and accurate business report of your clients, potential associates and competitors.

Company info

Clients have available relevant and up-to-date information about companies of interest.

Based on the data that has been analyzed by financial analysts and sorted by using you in the most efficient way, you can be confident in your business decisions as well as making new partner relationships.

Responsible persons

The credit report contains current information about the responsible persons who run the business.

You can be informed about any changes in the ownership structure of previous and current owners.

Key financials

The credit report implies all the most important financial information about a company's business.

It implies basic information about the same (headquarters, contacts, owners), summarized financial information (accounts, blockades, bills of exchange, etc.) as well as a graphical presentation of the business.

Balance sheets

With a credit report you will also get an overview of the balance sheet for a particular company.

The Balance sheet contains all the relevant information on which you can get a clear insight into the finances of the company of interest and how much is it's income, expenses and ect.


The credit report also includes an analysis of the company's ratio.

The ratio analysis puts the balance sheet and the balance of success in the relationship of logically linked entities from the financial statements.

In this way, the results of the achieved relations are aimed at evaluating the condition and activity of the business entity. Ratio numbers represent relationships between the two balance positions.


Within the credit report, you will also be provided with a graphical presentation of the most important business information.

In this way, you can efficiently and quickly assess how your future partner, client or competitor is doing.

Financial data on client's request

We strive to satisfy the interests of each of our clients through constant market research and your business needs. We regularly perfect and expand our range of services.

One of our services is also an overview of financial information of any company in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Hungary upon request of the client. You can easily gain insight into the most important financial information and business information for any business of your interest. This service also includes widespread legal information about the desired company, in accordance with your interests, and adapts to each client individually.

If possible, and in agreement with the subscriber, we collect data from individual companies registered in any other country. This model of collaboration and service is only valid for users of our portal or subscribers. Each application is individual and contact us about the desired service.


Whether you need a more efficient analysis of financial data to increase your growth and manage your risks or reduce costs, or you want to completely transform your business, you can fully rely on CompanyWall business products.

Financial Assistant offers the most relevant and up-to-date financial information - information about ownership, real estate, credit ratings and reports, solvency and all other relevant business information.

Our WebAPI software application interface is also part of our product range.


We help the financial market development in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary every day.