Financial assistant CompanyWall business will soon be launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our main goal is to enable business transparency in the Balkan countries, as well as making safer business decisions. Therefore, we launched platform for financial analysis and smart data in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

Soon, companies from Bosnia and Hercegovina will also have the opportunity to use our financial services to improve business results.

CompanyWall business is gathering and analyzing all relevant business data, the portal also has tools to help you sort and interpret financial information.

Portal provide relevant information’s about credit rating, financial reports and many other useful tools for better business performances. We listen to our customers’ needs and provide them with accurate and relevant data on which to base decisions.

CompanyWall Business

CompanyWall d.o.o. (BiH)
Bulevar Vojvode Stepe Stepanovića 171E, 78000 Banja Luka, BiH
Tel: +387 63 936 777